Magigas, a certified company

MAGIGAS is a modern and efficient service company operating in the field of distribution of energy.

The company founded in 1954, has been successfully operating in the energy distribuction sector, in the beginning with the classic oil products, then with LPG, afterwards it diversified itself by passing to renewable energy resorces.

Magigas has always been keeping pace with the new energies and, thanks to company philosophy orientated towards research and continuous innovation, it has realised a wide range of special fuels and additives, destinated to the racing world.

The clientele that we serve are those that make use of:

LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas)
renewable energy sources
fuel for powering vehicles (gasoline, gas oils, LPG, methane)
traditional petroleum products for aviation  (Jet-A1 e Avgas)
special fuels for competition and their additives (for which we have a specific range of products) www.extremecompetition.it