MAGIGAS is a modern and efficient service company operating in the field of distribution of energy. The clientele that we serve are those that make use of:

– LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas)
– renewable energy sources
– fuel for powering vehicles (gasoline, gas oils, LPG, methane)
– traditional petroleum products for aviation  (Jet-A1 e Avgas)
– special fuels for competition and their additives (for which we have a specific range of products) www.extremecompetition.it)


MAGIGAS has been active in the distribution of LPG for over fifty years  and operates both in Tuscany and in the Emilia-Romagna region. The main objective in the MAGIGAS policy is client satisfaction. In order to improve the services they offer, in 1999 MAGIGAS obtained a Certification of Quality.
MAGIGAS operates in all sectors that make use of LPG. The company supplies LPG in small and large sized tanks for single and multiple users, distributes it in urban grids and through a network of service stations.
Thanks to their highly qualified  professional and the organization of their modern deposit in Montale (Pistoia)  MAGIGAS represents a guarantee of safety for all LPG users.