LPG Services

Installation of tanks and LPG pipes. Installation of tax exempt tanks.

With MAGIGAS the client may request an on-the-spot inspection free of charge and with no obligation,  in order to establish his requirements; on the basis of the results of the inspection MAGIGAS will send the client a detailed estimate with a description of the services and conditions they are able to offer.

Underground installations
MAGIGAS installs tanks,( generally for  installation below ground) for use by single homes, condominiums, subdivisions, towns, small businesses, and industriesin general.
MAGIGAS makes us of specialized professionals to create the plans necessary to obtain permits from
the competent authorities (fire department, city) and complete the installation as a turn-key operation.

Important for companies !

MAGIGAS also installs plants for storage and distribution of LPG for companies, industries, hotels, etc.
that can benefit from the tax deductions in conformity with the laws now in force (at this time a reduction of
90% on the LPG excise tax).

MAGIGAS applies a reduction on the excise tax directly in the invoice so that the client does not have to go through reimbursement procedures, thus saving both time and money for the client. Magigas and the environment

In order to encourage the use of environmentally friendly fuels, at almost all of its gas stations selling
LPG for vehicles, since 2003 MAGIGAS has also sold methane for vehicles.