How we invest in your LPG plant

LPG Services

How we invest in your LPG plant

With MAGIGAS the client may request an on-the-spot inspection free of charge and with no obligation,  in order to establish his requirements; on the basis of the results of the inspection MAGIGAS will send the client a detailed estimate with a description of the services and conditions they are able to offer.

Our service is tops !

For over twenty-five years MAGIGAS has been offering export and efficient service to its clients:

They install an individual gas meter for each individual client  and periodically send their own staff to read the meter and register the actual amount of gas consumed.
Each client receives a separate invoice from MAGIGAS so that they are independent of other customers.
With the gas meter reading service, the client first uses the gas and then pays for it. .
MAGIGAS makes sure that the gas tank is filled all year long without the client having to worry about calling them.

Our service is round-the-clock !

For over 10 years MAGIGAS has guaranteed a free round-the-clock service which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year including all holidays, in order to guarantee their clients continuous service with no interruptions.

In order to use this service, call MAGIGAS at  0573 / 95861 or at their toll-free number. MAGIGAS also manages the maintenance of its plants (LPG tanks and pipes up to the gas metre)  and customer assistance, both with its own staff and other specialized companies.