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BIOETHANOL: Bio-ethanol is an alcohol  (ethanol and ethylic alcohol) of agricultural origin obtained through a process of fermentation of products rich in carbohydrates and sugars.  The difference in the amount of  carbon dioxide emitted by the vehicle and that which is imprisoned in the plant during its growth, is  negligible and therefore it does not contribute to the emissions of greenhouse gases.
In order to prevent and overcome the criticisms that are now directed to green fuels derived from grains, and while we wait for chemical procedures which will make it possible to exploit all  the cellulose type biomasses still not used, industrially , rapidly and cheaply, Magigas  takes its raw material (ethylic alcohol) from waste products left over from the production of wine and grappa, and purchases all the alcohol which, for various reasons cannot be used for their manufacture.
Magigas Bio-ethanol is therefore of NON FOOD origin.

A NEW  100% VEGETABLE FUEL:  a new and revolutionary fuel which is 100% vegetable in origin and can be used in all gasoline  powered automobiles without making any modifications in the distributor, tank, pipes or valves of the motor is now being developed.

This new fuel, which is still being studied, has no mineral ingredients, but contains only bio-ethanol with other additives, all of vegetable origin which makes it possible to use on normal automobiles without any of the modifications mentioned above and usually required for the use of products now on the market all over the world which have a bio-ethanol base of over  10-15%.  The only exception is  Magigas Bio Racing Fuel,  but this results has been obtained through the use of additives of mineral origin.


The competition department of the Magigas laboratories several years ago created a special racing fuel with a formula containing 50% more bio-fuel.  This product was presented at Monza in January of 2007 and became the official fuel used in several different races. It was the first ecological fuel to be used in Europe in races of cars with uncovered tires sponsored by the FIA Alternative Energies Cup.

Bioracingfuel can be purchased on-line.

For further information, see the Magigas site dedicated to racing fuels: www.extremecompetition.it


Italian quality denaturated bioethanol.

Practical, useful, odouless, easy to use.


VEGETABLE OILS: Magigas is in the process of organizing their deposit in Pistoia for the storage and marketing of oils of vegetable origin.
This biofuel can be used in cogeneration plants in order to produce both heat and electrical energy with reduced emissions and respecting the most rigorous environmental standards.

The use of fuels of this type, which have not been chemically treated, comports the recognition of  green certificates if used in plants for the production of electrical energy and heat, with obvious advantages also of a financial nature.

The following are among the various vegetable oils used as biofuels:
– Rapeseed oil
– Sunflower seed oil
– Palm oil
– Jatropha Curcas oil (“non food”)

D7 Additive

From the experience on fuels with bio-ethanol, Magigas created D7.
This additive, mixed with diesel gives a new life to the old engines, reducing the air pollutants.
The results are confirmed by the Research Centre of the European Commission JRL in Ispra (Varese- Italy).
Veneto Region will finance a experimentation called “Clean Venice”: the entire fleet of buses ACTV in service at Lido of Venice will use Magigas D7 Additive to pull down PM10, carbon monoxide, NOx and unburned hydrocarbon.
The trial will involve a period with significant climatic changes. Emission controls will be performed with mobile equipment placed on the buses themselves, in order to allow continuous monitoring in all operating situations.
Magigas D7: a product that contributes to improve the quality of the air that we breathe.



Venice, 4 April 2011

The Venice Project Clean, shown to the press in Venice today, Monday 4 April 2011, was coordinated by Envicon, Venetian society of environmental consulting and business partner Magigas; it has designed and manufactured the additive Magigas D7 ®.”